What is a Black Out experience?

You are a Black Out agent (think 007 or James Bond) recruited to complete a top secret mission. Solve clues in a psycho’s home to stop a serial killer, explore a cell to escape from prison, or crack codes to save the world from a zombie apocalypse. Open various locks and combinations, encounter live characters, complete your mission and escape the room before time runs out! 

Whether you’re visiting Charlotte, planning an event, or looking for something fun to do…we are confident you will be entertained and surrender yourself to a new experience.

Recruit your team of 2 or more agents and experience the Black Out!

Black Out agents


What makes Black Out unique?

– Charlotte’s only escape room combining secret agent themes and live characters!
– Recognized by USA Today as one of the top escape rooms in the US. 

– Up to 8 participants per mission ensures everyone can play (option to increase capacity for group events/team builders).
– Your team can decide how easy, difficult, or intense the experience will be.
– If you fail the mission, ask and you will have the option to know the remaining clues. 
– Customize your mission or event by adding personal elements. Contact us for details. 
– Free parking, centrally located to multiple hotels and restaurants.


“The best part of what we do is to watch friends and families unplug and reconnect with each other, even if it’s for an hour. To be part of creating unforgettable memories is the most rewarding feeling.”