Team builder

My team thoroughly enjoyed the Black Out experience!! It was definitely an exhilarating heart-thumping experience, as well as brilliant and fun! Your team was professional, organized, and well prepared to make our experience even more enjoyable! Thanks for an awesome team building experience!”

Staff member of Providence Day School 

Experience the newest trend in escape rooms and plan an unforgettable event with Black Out of Charlotte, NC! Your team will become a group of secret agents, complete a top secret mission, and above all have a unique and entertaining experience. High-fives, code names, and team memories are all in store.

At Black Out, our vision is to be the destination for a thrilling and memorable group experience in Charlotte, NC. Our escape rooms support this vision by offering missions specifically designed for team building, group interaction, and fun. For Corporate Events, normal business hours do not apply. In fact, Black Out can host an exclusive event closed to the public for your team!

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Team Building

Team building can have a measurable, positive impact on team performance. Through our Black Out missions, your group will experience the true purpose of team building in Charlotte. Benefits include:

· Everyone can participate regardless of skill, age, or athletic ability.
· Teams are aligned toward a shared purpose and goal.
· Black Out missions encourage shared problem solving and team idea generation.
· Team achievements and milestones are celebrated together.
· It’s actually fun!

“Normal” business hours do not apply to Corporate events, Black Out will open based on your needs. Please Contact us today for help in planning your team event! 

Group Events & Parties

Are you looking for something unique and fun to do with your friends? Do you have family or guests in town and want to take go out in Charlotte, NC but not sure where to go? Have you been wanting to plan an exciting and memorable event or party? Black Out is your solution and a perfect destination for your next group event and/or party. Events include:

· Special occasions, Private events
· Family/Friend group events
· Parties – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette
· Entertaining guests
· And more!

If your event requires less than 8 participants, you may book directly online. For events with 8+ people or for assistance in planning a group event, Contact us today for assistance!